Sample Essay

In terms of drawbacks shopping online has much greater security concerns than offline. Consumers are at a greater risk of fraud on part of the merchants. The possibility that the supplier may not deliver their products is the least damaging scenario in this case. The greatest danger is one of identity theft. There are now some storefronts online which act as legitimate businesses however they seek to manipulate consumers into giving them their credit card information for their own use. Additionally hackers can also bypass the security measures on the merchant’s websites and steal consumer information. Thus, merchants and consumers have to take extra precautions in the form of increased online security and ant viruses (Office Of Fair Trading 2007).

In comparison high street store fronts are more catered to deal with customer security issues. There is less of a chance of customer fraud when they are on location. Additionally, the consumer can physically inspect the product and even take it for a test run. If there is any defect in the product stores will usually exchange it for the same item or another similar item in stock. In terms of delivery there is also a requirement for the customer to be physically present to receive the package which is usually during business hours.

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