Sample Essay

The main opposing voice of abortion law today comes from Christianity. Christianity has always stood against the practice of abortion taking a similar standing to Islam that they view abortion as preventing the birth of a soul. Christians believe in the zygote is a vessel of original sin which inherits the sins of the original man and woman, Adam and Eve at the moment of conception. Thus the child which is at birth impure, due to the presence of original sin must be baptised in order to be resurrected on earth.  Thus it is their duty to save the soul of the unborn child. (McCollister, March-April, 1994).

According to their beliefs, abortion directly interferes with Gods law and infringes on the sanctity of life itself. They do not believe in the concept of birth control, especially in the case of the morning after pill. The morning after pill quite simply prevents fertilization at the stages between implantation and conception. This viewpoint is in conjunction with that of natural law. Naturalistic Fallacy states that if a child is aborted it interrupts natural law because it removes the life the child would have lived had he been born.

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