Sample Essay

Online shopping not only gives consumers a wider choice of items. It is in fact quite simple for anyone who can use the internet the internet to bargain hunt for the best prices. Oftentimes companies will charge less for an item on their website than their own retail store. And even provide a special offer if you buy it online (Jarvenpaa and Todd 1997).

It also makes it easier for suppliers to provide them since they do not need to have a physical space to display the product leading to a lower overhead when it comes to staff. Since the supplier saves money by having an online presence, he can give the savings to the consumer. Oftentimes if a customer buys a large enough order, especially from an electronic site the shipping costs to the individual becomes nullified. Additionally with this system the merchants do not have a danger of being exposed to theft since their product is not in an actual store. Rather it is stocked in a warehouse.

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