Sample Essay

These views were echoed later in the renaissance period by Italian physician Huronymus Mercurialis. Venice in 1539 was the time when he published the tome known as “De Arte Gymnastica Apud Ancientes” or the “Art of Gymnastics among the Ancients”. This volume was highly influential on all subsequent writings on physical training and exercise. Within it he also discussed the benefits of riding and its healing effects (William D. McArdle, 2006).

Unfortunately there were no truly innovative writings on the subject in subsequent years until the year 1780 a book known as ‘Medical and Surgical Gymnastics’ was released in France by Tissot. Tissot spoke of horse riding in the book as being “the most beneficial gait”. The book was also the first source giving information on what would happen if a person rode too much and its contradictions (American Hippotherapy Association, 2007).

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