Sample Essay

Between 1973 and 1993 there was a shift in public opinion regarding the rights of indigenous people. The government passed laws which turned over all of the reserve land available to the indigenous tribes. They would continue fighting for the right to reclaim their lands. Eventually, the case was brought before the Australian High Courts on 3rd June, 1992 by the Australian Indigenous Movement; the case was known as Mabo vs. Queensland. The case brought forward by a number of indigenous people in order to lay ownership to land and waters of the Murray Islands which were seized during European rule. After deliberation the judges ruled almost unanimously in favor of the Mabo judgment.

This judgment was one of the first steps for the indigenous peoples to seize their own destiny and would have a profound effect on Australian politics and law for years to come.  At the time the judgments did not specify the exact description of the title, what it entailed and how it would be protected. It did not provide any information as well how the title could be used by its owners. Whether it could be seen as any other title or were there special circumstances (Sharp, 1996 p. p. 207-224).

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