Sample Essay

It is difficult to decide what actually causes autism and why it is increasing among children in the United States of America. The dominant theme of the essay states that no other factor causes the increase in autism as rapidly as environmental factors, despite the fact that the link between environmental factors and autism does not meet hundred per cent concordance which leaves a sufficient room for other researchers to investigate the causes of autism other than environmental factors.

Researchers presented multifarious theories among which some were rejected due to the lack of evidence. Up till now the researchers have agreed on one single point that autism is not caused by a single factor rather many elements contribute to the cause of autism. Various theories have been presented to cause the rapid surge in autism; these include environmental factors such as pesticides pollution, motherhood at later age, better detection, diabetes during pregnancy or the use of too many vaccines and genetics. The number of autistic individuals has increased in the past few years while it is ambiguous whether the pre-valence has increased so as to attribute the cause of autism to environmental factors rather than genetics. This essay identifies and assesses theories regarding the causes of autism and rapid increase in it. In the past the alleged connection between thimerosal and autism was found which heated up ample research and outburst from people belonging to various fields. The theory was discredited on the ground that it lacked scientific evidence.

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