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Essay: BAE Systems | Term Paper Queen

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This British company’s role and responsibility in society is to be an environmentally and socially responsible company, to build connections between people and its stakeholders, to offer the right solutions to its clients.

BAE Systems also sponsors programs concerning the promotion of the following areas: 1) education, 2) environmental improvement projects, 3) community events, 4) support for local authority initiatives, and 4) funding for local groups and community charities.

BAE Systems corporate social responsibility program in Saudi Arabia include teaching disabled children (BAE Systems 2001). For instance, the company helped more than 200 disabled children in the Saudi Arabia from a comprehensive partnership with the Saudi Disabled Children’s Association. In terms of helping develop potential educators in the Saudi Arabia, the company also sponsored 20 Saudi academics to carryout important research and studies in the United Kingdom. BAE Systems is also an important force in funding scholarship grants that benefit hundreds of Saudi students.

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