Sample Essay

The supplier can also affect the decision making process of Light Emitting Diode manufacturers. The raw material for Light Emitting Diode manufacturers is obtained from companies in China, Russia and other markets. As the number of these suppliers is far greater than the number of Light Emitting Diode manufacturers they would not affect the decision making process due to high competition. As the competition among suppliers is quite high they provide high quality of material at lower prices to the manufacturers of Light Emitting Diodes. If the supplier has a well reputed brand then the decision making process of the manufacturer could be influenced.

5.4.5 Rivalry among Existing Participants

There are various companies currently manufacturing Light Emitting Diodes around the world with the maximum share of production in China where the cost of doing business is quite low in terms of human resource and raw material. United States of America has the second largest producers of Light Emitting Diodes and these companies focus local and international markets based on high-quality Light Emitting Diodes. The companies in Europe constitute a smaller share of the Light Emitting Diode market with some companies operating in Russia and other parts of Europe. There is immense competition among the manufacturers of Light Emitting Diode in terms of cost and quality. Companies from China offer the most competitive rates while companies in the United States of America focus on high quality.

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