Sample Essay

Essentially the establishment of such a power is done not to inflict pain on the accused or to show how powerful and potent the power is. Rather the goal is far simpler to establish a hold on the accused and keep that hold without letting him realize that he is simply a pawn in a much larger game and that he is no longer in control (Foucault, 1995 p.184). Given the role of technician various officers are seen as the bastions of integrity by the masses rather than inflictors of pain since as mentioned above there is no pain on the part of the accused.

The endgame to all these newly imposed ideas is of course a greater focus not on inflicting pain but rather on healing the soul. The restrictions placed on the accused in terms of the sensations his body is allowed to feel gives the opportunity to doctors, priests, psychologists, etc. This is done to establish a foothold and to manipulate the mind towards its own purposes. This is done using the individual’s perception of time and space against him. In regard to the accused there is also constant surveillance on his person, doing so while at the same time controlling what and who he or she sees can have a powerful effect in manipulating his or her psyche.

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