Sample Essay

Cole’s choice of formal qualities is nonetheless unique as is the theme running behind his collection of the poems. When he uses end-rhymes the content of his verses come under the danger of being neglected by the beauty of the form. Cole uses formalistic qualities not for the purpose of beautifying his poems but it adds up the meaning of his poems. At some places the form of the poem appears to be sparse as if it is the inner feelings of the speaker that the form of the poem is representing. The speaker is broken of grief.

The poem is about loss and regret. Cole conveys his theme through every aspect of the poem, whether it is the diction or the tone, they together convey feeling of innermost remorse. The rhyming couplets of ‘The Roman Baths at Nemesis’, however, do not let the attention of the reader to weaver from the pleasure of reading it. The words appear as flow of water as the poet says, ‘In the hall of mirrors nobody speaks/an ember smolders before hollowed cheeks’, the words at the end of each line are like words of a song.

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