Sample Essay

Yet another study found that in children aged 2 to 9 years of age with severe cerebral palsy, Equine therapy was instrumental in improving their posture, muscle tone and equilibrium. The author cited that in 1988 the study conducted by him was the first objective study to show the effects of therapeutic horseback riding on posture in children (DB, 1988).

A systemic review conducted by Botez and Mcdonald found that Equine assisted therapy has positive effects on the gait of children with Down’s syndrome and should be considered for treatment in combination with other therapy modalities (Lucia Botez, 2005).

Yet another study was conducted to view how the parents interpreted therapeutic riding as an educational tool for children. The survey conducted at the Kopper Top life Learning center asked the parents three questions. They asked them if they knew about the benefits of the program before they joined as well as if there were any benefits to their children and whether it should be incorporated into schools. To the first question they responded with a negative, however subsequent questions were overwhelmingly positive. They saw its benefits to the children’s.

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