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Essay: Benefits of ERP Implementation | Term Paper Queen

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The main factor behind the focus of ERP vendors on SMEs is the fact that there are practically no large organisations left where ERP has not been implemented. ERP vendors are left with no other choice than to sell ERP solutions to SMEs and if these vendors fail in the process and do not achieve any productive results they will have to close their businesses. When ERP systems were first introduced companies were hesitant towards its implementation initially regarding the related cost and outcome of these systems.

The basic strategy followed by ERP vendors was to create awareness among these organisations regarding the integration and streamlining of business activities to achieve efficiency. As companies started implementing this system the benefits became more clear and other organisations started implementing ERP as well. The implementation of ERP became common place in large organisations with the passage of time and eventually it became impossible to accomplish objectives without implementing ERP in major enterprises. The marketing strategy pursued by ERP vendors was to extend awareness regarding the benefits of ERP implementation. These vendors plan to follow the same strategy for SMEs for marketing this concept (The Financial Express 2002).

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