Sample Essay

Illegal immigration is one of the biggest issues that have faced not only the United States for years. It important to understand what exactly defines an illegal immigrant. By definition an illegal immigrant is an individual who enters and lives in the United States without the knowledge and/or permission of the governing authority. Nearly one hundred years ago there were hundreds of immigrants living on the Lower east side of New York. Henry James at the time expressed his great distaste over this development. However over time those immigrants were assimilated into American society. Today it is more important than ever to realize the true origins of America started from immigration. This article will attempt to show the benefits and challenges associated with this issue.

According to statistics there are currently 22 million illegal immigrants living in the United States (Immigration Though this is a very high number, it is not an unreasonable one when considered in perspective. Considering that 4 million of these immigrants are children who attend schools that would leave 18 million adults. If we consider that around 10 million of these adults are employed within the American economy. Then the main argument for the Republican Party and their anti-immigration stance becomes that they have taken job which would normally go to hard working citizens of the United States.

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