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Another point in the novel is made through the dreams where Antonio is introduced to the solution of the conflict he has been born with and he comes to find the harmony between the two diverse cultures. In the dream, Ultima, the curandera, reveals the mystery of “great cycle that binds us all” as how river and oceans meet (Anaya, 121). Antonio reaches the conclusion to neither “be just Marez, or Luna’ but ‘both’ as each man is a “part of past” but he can “reform old materials” (Anaya, 247).

In this paper the issue of ethnic conflict in the novel, Bless Me, Ultima, is examined and the findings are contradictory to the views of the critics who see the identity crisis of Antonio in social terms. As it is found in the paper that the conflict of Antonio is truly irrelevant to the ethnic conflict between Chicano/Mexican and American identity. The readings used also emphasize the fact that the ethnical conflict is hardly touched upon by the author, rather it is the conflict of two cultures within Chicano tradition, which is the sole focus of the novel. The important finding, that is related to the theme of the novel as well, is that the novel emphasizes the importance of reconciliation. Antonio finds a third path and realizes that he must find his own way by reforming the pattern associated with his past.

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