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Different techniques are used by AFFORD includes making a donation, conducting raffle, conducting an annual national mature golf tournament, etc. By performing all these activities the organization portray a positive image in the society which also helps them in attracting new donors and also creating awareness in the public about the cause on which they are working. Companies like United Way Sydney , Reserve Bank Benevolent Fund, Rotary Club of St Marys , Penrith City Council etc are some of the major donors at AFFORD.

As written before the target market of AFFORD is the business class reason the major reason for that is because not only the business class would prove to be fruitful in giving them donations but on the other hand they would also be helpful in providing jobs to the disable people. As businessmen have contacts in and their social circle is extended it helps AFFORD to find employment.

3.2 Brand personality profile – second charity

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch is the life member of the organization; she is a very well known philanthropist and her presence in the organization means great amount of experience. Apart from that the Myer foundation, colonial foundation trust are the leading members of the organization.  With the presence of all these reputable organizations it makes the job easy to connect with all other members of the society who are willing to help in this cause.

3.3 Brand personality profile – third charity

The major sponsors of ACRF includes Allens Arthur Robinson which is a leading Australian law firm, Ernst & Young a global leader in assurance, tax, transactions, Chippendale Printing which is a printing company and it provides very favorable rates to the ACRF which helps ACRF in developing excellent appeals, advertising and promotional materials. Sophos which is a world leader in protecting businesses against viruses and spam on the web they provide ACRF with Anti-Virus Software.

These are some of the examples besides these there are numbers of organizations that are playing their part in the cause with ACRF. The main reason why individuals and companies support ACRF is because some of them have been victims of cancer personally or in their families. Apart….

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