Sample Essay

The additional sales of homes require additional budgets to be prepared and implemented. The elements required for the budget include the estimation of cost for specific construction jobs, marketing expenses, legal fees, taxes and post construction costs. The budgeting process enables the project managers to evaluate and plan for finances required for the project. The components that make up the budget process can be amended based on different construction contracts and sales.

Resource Considerations

The resource considerations are also an important part of the project plan as they enable the project manager to evaluate the resources needed for each construction contract. These considerations may include planning for requirement of human resources, tools and equipment and material required for construction.

Team Communication Requirements

This is also an important phase of project planning as channels of communication among the project team members are assessed and evaluated to enable effective communication at various stages of the project. The project members should be well informed about the project and have knowledge about the impacts of the various phases of the project on their responsibilities. The team members should also be regularly updated regarding the progress of the project so they can participate more actively in the project.

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