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The third part of the conceptual framework section intends to discuss in detail the operational definitions of the key elements. The fourth part of the conceptual framework section intends to discuss in detail the generated hypotheses or research questions gathered from the literature reviews collected. And finally, the last part of the conceptual framework section provides a conclusion to all the key topics and ideas presented in the framework.

The main problem that this research proposal intends to address is the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of most financial institutions’ current IT risk management organizational structures which ultimately cause a negative impact in the way these financial institutions manage their day to day businesses affairs and IT security related activities.

Given this problem, there is therefore a need to come up with an appropriate and effective organizational structure that will be able to match the various business demands of financial institutions especially when it comes to utilizing the IT risk management function. In line with this, this particular research proposal aims to recommend an appropriate and effective organization design and its determinants for the IT Risk Management (ITRM) function of multinational global financial institutions.

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