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Essay: Business Plan for Electro Light | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

The business plan for Electro-Light Company explains the manufacturing, marketing, selling and financial strategies for Light Emitting Diodes. Detailed analysis of the individual components is concluded by a recommendation of investing in the company. One of the major benefits of the company involves sales to the parent company which manufactures electronic appliances and has high demand of Light Emitting Diodes. The company has various advantages in the local market of Russia and international markets of Europe and Asia which inc

lude easy access to several markets, availability of material at low costs, low cost of doing business and low level of competition in several areas. The financial plan of the company explains the financial attractiveness of the project through ratio analysis and application of capital budgeting techniques. The estimation and forecasting of the company displays both short-term and long-term growth of company profitability.

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