Sample Essay

1.0 Executive Summary

This plan is prepared to present information for investors and financial institutions and encompasses the company information, marketing and sales strategy, financial plan and other areas related to the formation and expected performance of the proposed company Electro-Light. Electro-light will be established as a Light Emitting Diode manufacturing company specializing in top-quality Light Emitting Diode products to meet commercial and industrial requirements.

The company will be based in Russia and will not only cater to the needs of the parent company but also meet local and international requirements of Light Emitting Diodes for use in various manufacturing processes or as end products by consumers. The company overview included in this plan covers the information related to the parent company and information on the proposed Light Emitting Diode firm. The management team responsible for the overall manufacturing and selling of Diodes has immense knowledge and vast experience in electronic items and Light Emitting Diode selling process. The market analysis, company strategy and financial plan are crucial parts of this plan as they outline the various strategies of the newly formed company. Value maximization is the primary target for any manager and the strategies implemented to achieve this objective are highlighted in this plan. This business plan provides a basis for decision making in terms of investment in the newly formed company.

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