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Workers are the most important asset of any organization. They can be considered as the basic building block which are the used by management to build up the organization’s progress and reputation.  Realizing their importance, many organizations around the world allow for the involvement of workers and other levels of employees in major organizational decisions as well as profits. However, the participation of workers in organizational decision making and profits represent a very popular theme for the scholars working in the fields of Industrial Sociology, Industrial Relations and Management. The research in this regard actively focuses on the dynamics of the organization and of the relationship between workers and management’s top cadre while also evaluating how the participation should take place.

Thesis Statement

Workers should be allowed for formulated participation in organizational control and profits.


I. Introduction

II. Background

a. The Need for Workers Participation

III Current Trends in Workers Participation in Management Decision Making

a. The Need for Worker Participation in Decision Making.

b. Advantages and Disadvantages of Current Practices and Process used by Organizations.

IV. A Good Framework for Workers Participation in Management Decision Making.

V Workers Participation in Company’s Profits

a. Current Processes for Profit Sharing in Organization.

b. The Need for a Profit Sharing Framework

c. Identification of Critical Factors in the Profit Sharing Framework.

VI. Conclusion

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