Sample Essay

The Americans value individual independence and this preference for liberty have also left impact on the buying habits of the Americans. The ability to choose for them has created a unique social and economic matrix that is particular to the multicultural setting of the United States of America. The buying habits of ethnic groups create a new American identity. The advertising campaigns have started responding to the rising powers of the ethnic groups. Where a European descent American spends more money on food and clothes, the Asian-American is found frugal in these expenses. The Asian-Americans spend more than other Americans on sea food and vegetables but less on alcoholic beverages.

In the past racial segregation had affected the buying trends of the products of the ethnic groups. Before 1970s ethnic food was rarely available except in the places located by those groups. After years of resistance by ethnic groups they were given equal rights that also brought the freedom to pick and choose subsequently. The recession affected the lives of the Americans to an extent that changed their buying habits and preferences. Before recession people wanted to spend on large items without paying much heed but now they prefer to restrict themselves to more basic needs. The economic downturn has made the Americans frugal.

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