Sample Essay


Caffeine is the most widely used stimulating drug in the world. It is commonly found in coffee, cocoa, chocolates and soft drinks. It has various positive effects like escalating liveliness and intellectual vigilance. Yet, heavy usage of caffeine can cause indications such as of anxiety and insomnia. Since the substance is very addictive physically and frequent users of it, suffer through fatigue, irritability and headaches if they tend to seek withdrawal (Wagner).


Another most widely used psychoactive drug is nicotine. There aren’t any facts that portray any positive effects of this substance upon the human body as yet, however it is still used.  Smoking is a widely adopted habit today. Youngsters and adults are often seen smoking cigarettes, inhaling the nicotine, present in the product. The opposing societies have been trying hard to prevent people from smoking since research has proven that smoking is very harmful and cause heart disease and cancer. Since then the usage has gone down, not on the whole but partially (Wagner).

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