Sample Essay

Executive Summary

Term Paper: This document serves as a proposal for a website project for the Capricorn Mini Mart, a competitive local retailer of groceries and house hold items. The aim of this project is to design and develop a website in order to provide Capricorn Mini Mart with an online presence to increase its customer base. The website would contain dynamic content, which would be generated according to the inputs of the customers. The development time of this website would be 2 months.

Focus of the Project

The focus of this project is to design and develop a dynamic and interactive website for Capricorn Mini Mart. This website would allow the users to browse through product catalog of Capricorn Mini Mart from their home and would also support order placement by customers. This would be achieved by developing the website using HTML, PHP and JavaScript, which would generate the content of pages based on customer requirement. The website will be hosted on a reliable hosting server and would be accessible through the Internet (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).

The customers will be able to maintain there profile on the website with the help of a login and a password. Once the customer has logged in, he or she would be able to browse the catalog and place order for products. Once the ordering has been complete, the customer will then be taken to check-out where payment processing will be done. Catalog browsing would also be available to anonymous users as well. The website would also feature offers and sales which can be availed online or in-store (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).

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