Sample Essay

Despite given treatment the woman’s husband in his early 20s was told she was in dire straits. Once she recovered however, the couple simply left quietly. Dr. Taher noted that there were only a few doctors in Baghdad who could perform abortions successfully and safely. She said that she had encountered an increasing number of botched abortions caused by toxic herbal remedies (Daragahi, 2008).

Abortion has now become a means for Arab women who cannot or will not care for huge families. Another case mentioned was of a 33 year old woman named Hind who lives in Hillah, a city in southern Iraq. When she realized she was pregnant with her sixth child this year, she opted for an abortion since she could not bear the burden of having more than five children. She first went to doctor at the behest of a friend who prescribed her pills. Following the failure of the pills to abort she went to a private hospital with the approval of her husband. A Shiite Muslim Cleric situated in the close by city of Karbala pardoned her culpability and told her and her husband to pray to ask for forgiveness from God following each prayer (Daragahi, 2008).

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