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Essay: Cash Flow from Financing Activities | Term Paper Queen

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The largest sum of cash collected under the cash flow from financing activities section was $1,510 million received from issue of debt in 2008.


The largest amount of cash outflow in the cash flow from financing activities was $1,023 million which was used in repayment of debt.


The cash flow from operating activities for 2008 was $1,399 million; cash flow used in investing activities was $(1,321) million and cash flow from financial activities was $326 million. The net increase in cash flows was $404 during 2008 which is shows a huge growth as compared to 2007 and 2006. The company has a normal cash flow level to meet its obligations and operational requirements even with major cash outflows for acquisition of Komag Incorporated.  There are various problems the company may face during the next year regarding cash flow requirements. These problems may include cash deficiency in investment and financing activities.

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