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Essay: Cause and Consequence of Poverty | Term Paper Queen

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While Harrington denounces the definition of the poor as those people ‘racing to the relief office’ for the reason that the poor in the American society are not born poor but most of them became poor after obtaining stability after 1930s and 1940s and that they just ‘want to go on welfare’ (Harrington). Harrington defines poverty as an evident fact of a society, although the poor are seen as invisible as in the post war era poverty became removed ‘from the living, emotional experience of millions upon millions of middle-class Americans’ and it used to be assumed that ‘ours is an affluent society’ which is an ironic fact itself (Harrington).

While enlightening the cause and consequence of poverty, Harrington takes the stance that it is the culture of poverty that exists in the state and it serves to twist and deform the spirit. The cause of poverty, according to Harrington, is not mainly economic only but the society itself allows poverty to persist, therefore such suffering is ‘an abomination in a society where it is needless that anything that can be done should be done’ (Harrington).

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