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Some other researchers are of the view that drugs and other environmental agents serve to supplement the cause of autism (Parsell. paraphrase). Some scientists are of the view that as genetic factors cannot cause autism alone therefore some environmental factors are also activated because autism appears to be increasing rapidly (Parsell. paraphrase). It is also important to analyze the theory of thimerosal vaccines, which was considered the trigger of autism if we are to discuss all the theories in this study.

The theory holding to prove the link between thimerosal vaccines and autism has been discredited and these vaccines are not used from many years. Furthermore a committee of the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine in Washington D.C. has failed to find a link between autism and mercury-based vaccines. But still some researchers kept on arguing for many years that thimerosal can act as an environmental factor in causing autism among children (Parsell. paraphrased). On the other hand Thomas Wassink, Geneticist in the University of Iowa, brings a new point holding that environmental factors trigger the disorder in children in whom 5 to 15 genes have made them vulnerable to the disease (Parsell.paraphrase). As the view held by many people that the environmental factors include food, heavy metals, solvents, contagious diseases, diesel, phenol used in plastic products, drugs, alcohol and smoking, pesticides, etc. Stress and vaccines are also included here. Some of the cases of autistis spectrum disorder can also be associated with the environmental insults which include parental exposure to chemical agents such as thalidomide and valporic acid and also contagious viruses of influenza and rubella (Szpir.paraphrased). It must not be said that only these environmental factors contribute in autism.

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