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The operations for the purpose of maintaining peace during the critical period of the Cold war lasted, according to a cautious reckon, from 1960 to 1978. It is also argued by the analysts that main cause of the failure of the UN during the period of cold war was owing to the reason that the operations to maintain peace were an instance of ‘hastily organized responses’ to the crucial situations in which the large countries of the world had plunged, moreover the operations lacked proper planning that could have helped in manipulating tensions[1]. In addition the peacekeeping appeared to have lacked clearly defined purposes by the UN as well as the absence of proper assertion of the authority.

However in the discussion of the role of the UN one cannot ignore the role played by the countries that were the members of the UN during the era of the Cold war. Not only large countries such as Australia or Denmark were in the UN but small countries as Nepal, Ghana and Pakistan were also a part of the UN besides other countries.

Another important fact of the Cold war era, upon which the successes and failures of the UN must depend, was the existence of various factors that had profound impact on the development or failure of the process of maintaining peace. One of these factors was the extent to which the countries included in the UN were commited to the cause of maintaining peace. Another factor was the quality of the armed forces while the ‘availability of equipment’ was also an important factor[2]. Moreover some of the members earned both positive and negative credit for the contributions they had towards making the aim of the UN possible.

[1] Same as 9(24)

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