Sample Essay

These practices put the internet at risk of having a slow service for certain websites and fast service for others, censorship or exclusion of certain website based on criteria decided by corporations, commercialization of the internet eventually leading to the removal of all user generated content, access to services only provided at a premium paid to these companies and curtailing innovation that may lead to the creation of new discoveries which may profoundly affect society later on.

Two examples of how media corporations are restricting content or access to the web start with an article which speaks of how the Newport paper is planning to restrict their newspaper the Newport daily news to subscribers of their newspaper or to online only subscribers which will cost them three hundred and forty five dollars a year (Donnis). Another example is how Google is restricting their search engine in China by removing access to items deemed sensitive by the Beijing government. It is doing this to gain a greater market share in Chinas economy (BBC News ).

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