Sample Essay

The army considered certain change management strategies which included the following: ‘engaging’ sponsors over the period of ERP implementation and providing for smooth transitions to overcome the lack of sustained leadership due to the army’s norm of changing sponsors, and practicing enterprise level governance to align internal and external stakeholders at all levels. They also had to justify the high costs associated with managing change by citing the possible losses in case the program failed due to lack of proper change management mechanisms. Other considerations included continued communications throughout the project life cycle, management of personnel; showing them that the program is sensitive to culture through internal sponsorship, careful efforts to educate each stakeholder of the importance of their participation in the process and lastly a comprehensive strategy for disseminating program information to keep everyone on the same page.

4. Customizing the ERP software saves the company from lengthy business process change, however, it wipes out the benefits of lower maintenance costs and vendor software updates to functionality. A company choosing not to customize has the added advantages of assimilating proven industry practices in the enterprise, it maximizes investment in ERP software and minimizes the costs of upgrades, and it is easier for the enterprise to integrate the information systems on a DoD-wide level. In addition, there is often no common baseline applicable across all ERP modules and the customizations needed may be iterative, thereby defeating the benefits of the ERP system. Those who support the cause of customization claim that it is tailor-made to satisfy the peculiar needs of organizations, especially in the case of the army which cannot be categorized as a regular enterprise.

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