Sample Essay

Gandhi, being the protagonist of the film, enjoys the pivotal role in the film. His chivalrous character is featured in a way that he is presented as a god which is a very common technique in biographical films like ‘Gandhi’. Gandhi was given the title ‘Mahatma’ that means ‘Great Soul’. He is regarded as the one between a saint and a Messiah. He returned from England in 1915 and started Civil Disobedience Movement. Gandhi was not always against British Rule and has shown his loyalties to the British Imperialism before he actively participated in the politics of the Sub-Continent (B.Green, 2009).

 In the film Gandhi is shown resisting those who were higher in power but Gandhi himself used his power against the enemies. Gandhi received his education from England at the time when literacy rate was very low and only the affluent ones could dream of getting higher education. The irony lies in the fact that the man, who showed his loyalties to the British Imperialism and received education from England, used his power of oratory and enthusiasm for freedom against them. Gandhi faced bias against India in South Africa and in his own country by the Britain. He experienced incessant detentions for the rights of Indians. Gandhi’s character is shown devoted to his principles not only in what he says but in what he wears. The attire was important for Gandhi who put emphasis on demonstrating true Indian identity through the cloths one wears.

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