Sample Essay

Through this regulatory infrastructure, the framework set in place helps ensure that the advertisement industry in UK does not at any time suffer from unforeseen controversies and does not trigger unrest amongst the viewing public. The check and balance mechanism of the ASA not only helps to encourage product manufacturers and service providers to promote their products to UK consumers, but also gives them the confidence of knowing that they are not being subjected to any form of bias or prejudice since the ASA Codes allow all advertisement strategies to be measured with the very same yardstick. This helps vendors have the confidence of knowing that once it is aired their advertisement will be one that does not offend their present and/or prospective consumers in any way.

Earlier this year, a report by Screen Digest, a prominent media analyst stated that revenues across the European board were falling and the UK advertising market was the one leading the pack with the most declines in revenues (screendigest 2009). The report analyzed the top five European markets and revealed that even the slight increase in the online market had failed to make the losses any lighter for the European market and the UK advertising market in particular.

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