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Essay: Children from different Socioeconomic Backgrounds | Term Paper Queen

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The proposed design of the study consists of several separate longitudinal studies with a specific cross sectional study design. Each study will focus on children from different socioeconomic backgrounds with no regards to ethnicity. Probability samples of children and a cluster sampling technique will be used at first. And the children selected will be followed at 3 month intervals. The children themselves will keep diaries recording the amount of time spent on indulging in said media.

At the end of every 3 months physicals can be taken to assess the health and diet of the children selected. A sample size of 2000 children will be taken with 1000 children of each sex. Socioeconomic backgrounds will be classified according to the income to the main wage earner of the family. The incomes will be divided as follows:

Below              25,000 Dollars

Between          25,000 and 50,000 Dollars

Above                         50,000 Dollars


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