Sample Essay

When a child is born in a region stricken with poverty and illiteracy, the child is very rarely allowed to acquire a decent education if the child is a girl. Instead, it is required from the girl to adhere to traditions and customs of the society regardless of their effectiveness and actual degree of utility in present day (Kracht & Schulz). As a result, the girl grows up to become a mother who eventually believes in those traditions and customs. When the mother goes through pregnancy, the mother insists on making use of the very same values, customs and traditions that they have been taught.

Many of these customs, traditions and values tend to get supplemented with illiteracy to take on an exaggerated and more than often mutated form (Duttaroy). As a result of these mutated and exaggerated traditions, actions are carried out before and during childbirth that tend to have a compromising effect on the basic nutrition that the child is supplied with. As a result, the child is born with defects such as those mentioned above and is one more placed into the cycle that began with the birth of the daughter.

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