Sample Essay

The techniques of filming the scenes are an iconic piece of work. The shots themselves speak for the experience of the camera man. Lee was nominated for Oscar awards under the flag of Morocco, for his unique yet outstanding work. The cinematography of the movie portrays decent sexuality nature also.

The wardrobes designed for Marlene are typical of cabaret performers. The romantic nature of the shots however provokes the viewer to emotionally react to the situation in such a way that the viewers actually visualize the situation for their own self and feel the intensity of the scene performed.

There are a few inconsequential scheme twirls leading to the memorable concluding shot. Amy, not capable to give up her ardent love for Tom, gives up everything by walking out into the desert with all the additional heartsick women who follow the Legion around from place to place. In one long shot it is seen that she climbs a small sand rise, takes off her shoes, take hold of the rope around a donkey’s neck from one of the other women and then slowly disappear from sight down the other side.

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