Sample Essay

Introduction to the book

Martin Luther King is known for his relentless efforts towards justice in many aspects. Political and economic equavalence was his motto weaving together the African and American visions of freedom. He also conflicted with racism among the mix populace of blacks and white in the American society and opposed poverty, imperialism and misuse of political powers which increased drastically.

He compared the American civil rights with the international human rights uprising which required financially viable rights to work, shelter, revenue and defense. He conveyed the message and tried to set a criteria for judgment which insisted on the phenomenon of verdict with respect to the substance of one’s character not by the skin color. In his renowned speeches, He exposed the black race who faced inadequate treatment in the society of whites, which lead to isolation, prejudice and the hardship of black people (Jackson).

He stated in a form of metaphor, considering the promises made by the government in terms of providing liberty and happiness to the nation, that black people didn’t have their cut of happiness as promised. He refused to believe justice has empty pockets and the opportunities are out of stock for black people. He demanded on behalf of the black people, ultimate freedom and the protection of equality (Jackson).

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