Sample Essay

Cleopatra now realizes her love for Antony, and this sudden turn of events causes her to devise a plan to win it back. She sends Antony a messenger carrying the news of her death so that he would rush back to her to catch a final glimpse. Her plan does not follow through however, as Antony instead of reacting gets depressed and suicidal ending up wounding himself in a suicide attempt. He then discovers that Cleopatra’s still alive and reaches up to her monument where she has locked herself, only to die in her arms. This was indeed a tragic moment and caused Cleopatra enough grief to want to commit suicide by swallowing poison later, dreaming of meeting Antony in the afterlife. Her love may not have wreaked wonders in Antony’s war efforts but it was true, and both ended up killing themselves for each other.


As regards Romeo and Juliet, a single theme of love followed the entire play and when the lovers ended up killing themselves due to misconceptions which could have been avoided, the play effectively took a tragic turn. The two never got united like characters within joyous tales normally do and when their love for each other caused them enough grief to consider suicide as the recourse; the play is rightfully termed a tragedy. The same can be said about Cleopatra, although hers was a difficult role and followed through with two instances of betrayal within the story line where she abandoned Antony’s army during the battle with Octavius. Cleopatra may be more akin to a history play but the ending fell to its determination. Cleopatra committed suicide dreaming of her lover which in the general context of things can be nothing else but tragic.

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