Sample Essay


Club IT is a music venue in the downtown area of the city. It was established in 2005 by two business graduates, Lisa and Ruben, as a place which could provide relaxation and enjoyment for the people under one roof. ClubIT has massive dance floor which covers more than 600 square feet. It also has seating arrangement for more than 200 people, while the Club has a total area of 6000 square feet. The owners of the Club have done extensive remodeling of the building recently, and are now looking to further improve their business by making use of Information Technology, in their bid to make ClubIT the top venue in the local entertainment industry (Rainer, 2010).

ClubIT and Its Customer

Apart from its owners, ClubIT has a significant number of staff. These include Bartenders, Waiting Staff, Short Order Cooks, an Assistant Manager as well as people responsible for maintaining security. A large portion of  the customers of ClubIT include people between twenty and forty years of age, most of whom have a day job and  come to the club to refresh their minds and feel motivated. Many of the customers are students as well who use ClubIT as a place to retreat to. ClubIT also hold live band events as well as DJ nights which are always sold out indicating the interest the customers take in music (Rainer & Turban, 2008).

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