Sample Essay


Coaching a high school baseball team is a great challenge as it involves shaping up students into highly competitive athletes. Coaching is a process that begins from tryouts and continues to off-season camps and training. It takes time to get results and wins may be few in the beginning; but a program with a strong basis in developing players’ potential will yield results in the long run.


Team selection is one of the toughest jobs for the coach. Important decisions have to be made about who to keep and who to cut as the players chosen will make up the team for the season. During tryouts the coach has to decide the combination of players; how many specialist pitchers he wants, how many players that are to be groomed for the future and so on.  If there are too many players then playing time would be split up among them; if there are too few then there’s a risk of not having enough players for a game. Players have academics, vacations and other activities that take up their time so it is advisable to pick around fifteen to seventeen players. The number of players that can be picked is also dependent on the school or league rules.

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