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Essay: Coca Cola’s Hybrid Brand Structure | Term Paper Queen

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Coca Cola exercises a brand structure that can be correctly referred to as a hybrid brand structure. While earlier marketing campaigns were limited to and heavily based upon television as the primary medium for marketing, it is now used relatively less frequently by the organization in light of the rapid evolution of technology that has decreased the overall effectiveness of television as a brand establishing medium (Keller, 2008). Coca Cola now concentrates on demonstrating and marketing its agility through contracts with various sports events around the world. Modern day marketing strategies employed by Coke seem to be in response to those employed by its prime competitor Pepsi. Both brands are now engaged in a tussle to prove that their brands are the ones that depict the most life and the most energy. Coca Cola now operates on grounds that allow it to establish a relationship with its consumers that encourage its consumers to engage in lively activities. In the process, Coca Cola brings its beverages into the equation as a component without which any celebration of life and energy would be incomplete. By doing so, it targets the overall experience that the consumer goes through.

Coca Cola also relies heavily on Placement in order to ensure that its brand is a success. Where a century of experience has taught the company the tricks of the trade that are needed to survive the ravages of the modern day market, the experience in the field has also taught Coca Cola of the enormous significance of accurate product placement. Targeting markets that are relatively lower in their degree of price sensitivity has been one of the earliest of product placement strategies employed by Coca Cola. Coca Cola combines what is referred as a Price Point Strategy with extensive Placement to achieve this unique mix.

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