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Essay: Coca Cola’s Strong Brand Promotion Techniques | Term Paper Queen

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Coca Cola has a very strong corporate value, and the most prominent of these corporate values is the one that dictates the super-aggressive brand promotion strategies that Coca Cola has always incorporated into its marketing campaigns around the world. From the design of the bottle to the very color pallet of the product to the numerous tag lines that Coca Cola has adopted over the ages, Coca Cola has chosen to maintain an aggressive and highly active brand promotion strategy through the ages.

The company invests heavily in sponsoring events that have Coca Cola’s key elements rooted into them. For instance, Coca Cola sponsors events such as the FIFA cups, international film festivals and even the Olympics. Coca Cola’s brand development has only one motivation: To make sure that consumers around the world see life and energy in Coca Cola and perceive it to be an element without which any celebration would be incomplete.
We can infer from this scenario that it is necessary for Coca Cola to continuously implement aggressive and lively brand promotion techniques. Without these techniques, it would become highly difficult for Coca Cola to carry out its general mode of operation. Coca Cola has always sought to make sure that it has a market where it is under the most minimal threat possible by its competitors. In order to do so, Coca Cola spends a large amount of time and resources in trying to gain access to markets that its competitors have not realized as yet. In order to do so, Coca Cola has to spend a large amount of time and resources on tailoring its campaigns to new localities and regions. This allows Coca Cola to gain new information and insight into brand promotion techniques since every new market allows Coca Cola to refine its brand promotion techniques.

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