Sample Essay

Despite its difficulties cold case investigations have garnered great success in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s. In Washington D.C alone in 1992 the CCS solved 157 homicides some of which included high profile murder cases. This has brought them great media attention and a positive reaction from the general public (Regini).

Although not every law enforcement agency has the manpower or resources to have their own investigative team, they can outsource to organizations such as the Vidocq society. This is a group of international investigators and other team members who work on a pro bono basis to solve unsolved homicides (Turner and Kosa). It has also resulted in the creation of other organizations such as AmberView in 2005 which was created to protect children aged 3-17 from child abductions (U. D. Justice). Another example is the Victim Assistance Professional Development Fellowship program to render assistance and compensation to crime victims who have been underserved (Justice, OVC FY 10 Victim Assistance Professional Development Fellowship Program) and the U.S departments Convicted Offender or Arrestee DNA Backlog reduction program to ascertain the guilt of offenders through DNA analysis (Justice, FY 2010 Convicted Offender and/or Arrestee DNA Backlog Reduction Program) and the Post-conviction DNA Testing assistance program (Justice).

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