Sample Essay

The third story gives details of Israel’s response to Richard Goldstone’s report on the bombing and shelling of Gaza. The report found that the Israeli’s committed war crimes while the Palestinians targeted civilians with rockets. Israel is conducting independent investigations to avoid war crime allegations (Al Jazeera and agencies, 2010).

The final story regards the Israeli invasion of Gaza and its end a day after fierce fighting with Hamas left 1,400 Palestinian civilians and thirteen Israeli groups dead. Reports say that it is possible rogue elements Hamas had no control over fired on an Israeli army patrol causing the Israeli’s to retaliate by invading Palestine (Al Jazeera and agencies, 2010).

These two stories like the first two are interlinked as well. The continuing tensions on the Gaza Strip are nothing new. But what is new is that both sides now seem to realize that peace is the only option they have to end the conflict. Even though both seem to want peace neither side wishes to take responsibility for any wrongdoing.

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