Sample Essay

CLR uses dispose method for the unmanaged resources. The dispose method shuts or releases the unmanaged resources like handles, streams, and files. All the chores concerned with the release or freeing of memory resources detained by the object use this method. Resources that prepare an object for reuse also use dispose method (Ozkir, Schofield, & Camlibel, 2007).


Memory management is such a core issue that organizations work for its boom times and again and arrange discussions and conferences worldwide in order to achieve mutual advantage in this regard. ACM conference ISSM also discussed parameterized procedural summaries for memory leak detectors. Heap memory requirements and issues were discussed along with heap data compression problem. Analysis of memory bounds for certain resources was also on the brink of active dialogue. Generational genome compilers were suggested to use heuristics in order to perk up garbage collection efficacy. All these and numerous other issues and solutions remained under discussion and various approaches were introduced for resolving underlying memory issues. This calls for summing it up that the memory management strategies work for keeping away from memory leaks, overflows, gigantic use of memory space. Real time allocation and de-allocation is done in order to ensure optimized programming taking care of numerous features.

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