Sample Essay

The newly formed company will be located in Russia as the geographical location of the country is viable for any international business. Companies manufacturing products in Russia can not only fulfill local needs of products but have easy access to various international markets such as Europe, Asia and United States of America. The estimated population of the country is 142 million and the national currency is Ruble.

The exchange rate as compared to 1 U.S. Dollar is 33.38 RUB and compared to 1 Euro it is 44.44 RUB which translates into an exchange rate savings for companies from Europe and United States to establish business in Russia. The cost of doing business for firms from the United States or Europe are quite suitable as the economic conditions of the country which also hit by the financial crisis of 2008 is expected to recover more rapidly than other countries. The most suitable location for doing business in Russia is Moscow or Saint Petersburg. The most important element of setting up business in Russia is the margin of sales the company can receive as there are not many companies manufacturing Light Emitting Diodes in Russia. The strategic location of Russia and especially Moscow and St. Petersburg make it more attractive for new investors. Another important factor for setting up manufacturing operations in Russia is the availability of low-cost and high-grade raw materials required for the manufacture of Light Emitting Diodes as the second largest sector of Russia after oil and gas is metallurgy.

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