Sample Essay

It can be observed that the answers given by the respondents with regard to the UK and Qatar were ones that were in stark opposition to one another. While the respondents were cautious about company policies in the UK, they appeared to give relatively little relevance to company policies in Qatar.

We can surmise that the Qatar economy, being one that is relatively new in its development when compared to that of the UK, is one in which concern about company policies is slowly developing as compared to the UK consumer market where concern about company policies seems to have taken on a strong role that cannot be ignored. Also, another observation was that the number of respondents who did not choose to take a stance with regard to the answers to the question was that there were very few who chose to remain neutral. This observation, when considered in light of the fact that the minorities for observations of both, Qatar and the US, serves to show that there is an increasing level of awareness that is steadily taking root across economies for the importance of the policies that companies exercise in the development of their products. It would therefore be justifiable to infer that an established economy tends to incorporate a degree of awareness of producer policies much higher than that of an economy less developed. Also, there appears to be a tendency of the observations to steadily move towards an increasing level of agreement with the notion presented in the question with regard to the consideration of policies of the company when purchasing a product from that company.

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