Sample Essay

Nick in the last page of the novel makes comparison between the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock and the green breast of the world. The “green breast of the world signifies immigrant’s dreams that came to the new world pursuing opportunity, religious freedom, democracy and love. As they journeyed, they instilled complete family values. As they established with this goal in mind, they worked hard and made what is America presently. Corruption is described by Fitzgerald as being the transformation of the beauties of what the settlers had witnessed previously.

In the accident, that involves Myrtle and Daisy, Myrtle’s breast is torn off and this is perceived as one of the greatest achievement. Indeed, this achievement was the apprehension of American society: it replaced the torn off green breast with a corrupted version of what the settlers brought along with them. Fitzgerald brings along with this the Valley of Ashes which is the exact opposite of the green breast. The difference is that the green breast of the new world symbolizes a hill and the exact opposite of this is a valley. In fact, the green breast signifies the real American dream; while on the other hand, the Valley of Ashes signifies corruption (Wood 45).

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