Sample Essay

In terms of CSR, the BAE Systems website in Saudi Arabia and the UK focuses on how to promote the organization locally and internationally. The company’s website in Saudi Arabia states it “recognizes its responsibilities to the people it employs, its costumers and supplies, its shareholders, the wider community and to the environment” (BAE Systems Saudi Arabia n.d.). The Saudi Arabia website also states that the company currently employs 4,750 Saudis, more than 50 percent of whom are Saudi nationals, and 350 employees in the UK.

On the other hand, BAE Systems’ website in the UK stresses the importance of responsible business conduct (BAE Systems UK n.d.). The UK website states that the company is committed “to progressing to a recognised leadership position in business” and to integrate its policies and processes into its daily business practice. The company also focuses on the following areas when it comes to corporate social responsibility: code of conduct, safety, diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability and community relations.

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