Sample Essay

The two writers, Nathan Zuckerman and E. I. Lonoff, stand in contrast with each other in terms of their personalities as well, as the one is humble and dumb struck before the man on whom he had showered his praise lavishly and the other who is ironic about his works which Zuckerman thinks as simplicity of Lonoff. Lonoff’s being better does not imply that he is perfect in relationships as when the two writers were engaged in conversation at Lonoff’s house, Lonoff’s wife, Hope, bursts into an outburst and shouts at her husband pleading that she can no more take ‘moral fiber in the face of life’s disappointments’ and that he must live with Amy Belette instead(Roth). The incident disclosed the failure of Lonoff’s private life.

Zuckerman’s method of achieving success is different from that of Lonoff that is through scandalous wrting that made him isolated from his family as well. But despite the contrasts between the two authors the influence of Lonoff prevails on Zuckerman as Roth shows that he comes to live a life like Lonoff after a series of unethical events and acts in his life. The two of them are different in terms of their dedication to their work and the ethical demands made on them as well as in terms of the relationships with the other people in the lives of the authors. Zuckerman also imitates Lin off in many respects as he had idealized him from his youth.

If the two writers are compared in terms of their dedication to their work, it comes to light that Lonoff who is senior of Zuckerman is tired of his own work as he has reached at the stage where his talent is nothing to him but Zuckerman finds him humble and a genius. In comparison to Lin off, Zuckerman is a young artist (as he is recalling his past) with fresh ideas who wants to learn from his senior.

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