Sample Essay

The competitive strategy for any company involves the tactics it utilizes to meet with the challenges of competition and create an edge over its competitors. The business level strategies of Shangri-La highlighted in the previous section include marketing, management and focus strategies. Shangri-La hotel has a competitive edge in areas where it was the first and in some areas the only luxury hotel.

The immense international competition in the hotel industry requires various hotel and resort chains to implement different marketing strategies according to the conditions in the host countries. The marketing strategy of Shangri-La is dependent on the quality of service, rates of rooms and returning customer benefits. The management at Shangri-La ensures that all customers get the highest quality of service possible. The management wants the workers of Shangri-La to be proud of the achievements of the hotel but at the same time be very humble towards customers. The company also offers a best rate guarantee to all its customers. The rates offered on various rooms and services in hotels and resorts are highly competitive (Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts 2009). The company’s loyalty program referred to as the Golden Circle Guest Recognition Program has three levels which depend on a customer’s stay in the hotel. This gives the hotel an added advantage in the form of returning customers.

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